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Youth Symposium to be broadcast after cancellation Friday

 March 11, 2011

SANTA CRUZ — The Jon E. Nadherny Calciano Memorial Youth Symposium will be broadcast on local television after it was canceled Friday, an organizer said. The symposium, scheduled for the Cocoanut Grove, was canceled at 8.30 a.m. due to the tsunami warning and road closures along the county’s coast. “The Cocoanut Grove was open, but people weren’t able to get past the road closure, and we felt it was best to just cancel the event and refund people’s money,” said Joshua Nadherny Calciano, co-chair of the advisory board and brother to Jon, to whom the symposium is dedicated. Some 50 people still were able to attend the symposium Friday as they arrived early in the morning. “A lot of them parked along West Cliff Drive and just walked in,” Calciano said.


The good news is that the symposium, “Clinical Portraits of Bullies, the Bullied and Gang-Affiliated Youth,” will be available to everyone on local television. All three main speakers were present Friday and their remarks were recorded.


“Officially the event has been canceled, but we are having the speakers give their presentation and filming that, and we will be able to present it to the community,” Calciano said. The information about when and on which channel the event will be televised will be posted on the symposium website as soon as it is available.