Dr. Dan Siegel to speak in Santa Cruz


Dr. Dan Siegel to speak in Santa Cruz

December 20, 2007 

When Dr. Dan Siegel talks about parenting, people listen. That explains why 130 people have already signed up to hear Siegel speak in Santa Cruz Feb. 29. He will give the keynote at the 10th annual Jon Nadnerny/Calciano Memorial Youth Symposium. A medical doctor and psychotherapist from Los Angeles, Siegel is author of “The Mindful Brain” and “Parenting from the Inside Out.” When he appeared on the Dr. Phil television show, he deftly questioned a mother and her teenage daughter about their escalating battles and suggested changes to improve their relationship. His theories on how to raise compassionate and resilient children have made him a popular speaker who can command a $15,000 fee.  

Santa Cruz psychologist Diane Bridgeman, who is on the symposium advisory committee, called Siegel dynamic and well-researched.”He’s on the cutting edge with integrating neurobiology with clinical research and applications,” she said.

The symposium was started by the family of Jon Nadnerny, a graduate of UC Davis who took his own life at age 23. Previous symposium topics have included aggression, addiction and self-injurious behaviors.

Joshua Nadnerny-Calciano, Jon’s younger brother, said the event is an opportunity to hear Siegel at a modest price. Ordinarily the cost would be $300 or more. Because Jon’s family has established an endowment with the Dominican Hospital Foundation to underwrite the Santa Cruz symposium, the charge is $75.

The daylong event will take place at the Cocoanut Grove ballroom; seating is limited to 450. Social workers, teachers and law enforcement officers have been invited; six continuing education credits will be granted. Those who plan to attend must register online.