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When will I receive my CME/CEU/CE certificate?

General Certificates of Attendance will be emailed by March 15th, followed by CME/CEU Certificates that will be emailed by April 1st.  All certification documents will be sent to the email used for registration.

How long do I have to submit my post-event survey?

One week.  While we encourage you to complete your evaluation as soon as possible, surveys will be accepted if emailed before 5 PM on Friday, March 8th.  After that time, certificates cannot be issued.

I did not receive my CEU/CME certificate by April 1st.

If you attended the entire presentation and submitted the post-event survey, please check your spam filter and junk mail folder – the most common solution.  Failing that, you may request re-issuance by sending your name, license type, and license number to [email protected], and re-issuance of lost certificates will be available upon request for 90 days after the event.  After June 1, 2024, files are closed and re-issuance is not possible.

Will partial CME/CEU/CE credit be available if I can only attend part of the event?

No.  Full 5-hour credit will be given to those whose attendance is verified by check-in and check-out logs.  No exceptions are permitted to the AAFP requirements that attendance be for the full scheduled time and in person. Viewing missed time on the program video cannot qualify as attendance.

Which licenses can get Continuing Education credit?

CME:   PA, PhD, MD, DO



SUD  providers receive credit through CCAPP-EI.

I have two licenses. Will I receive two certificates?

Yes.  It is important that both license types & license numbers are included when registering and when submitting your post-event survey.

Where will I write my license information for my certificate?

You will add your name, license type, and license number in the digital Survey Monkey provided at the event. We encourage you to complete the survey on March 10, before you leave the venue, if possible. The link will close on Friday, March 17 at 5pm. Please make sure your name and license number are correct in the survey. This information will appear exactly as written in the survey on the certificate.

What if I have an emergency and cannot attend or need to leave the event early? Can I get full or partial CME/CEU/CE credit by watching the recording?

No. If you have to leave early, no partial credit will be awarded for CEU or CE. For CME, attendees report the time that they attended the activity in person on their certificate. Additional credit cannot be awarded after the in-person event, but attendees can continue to watch the event when the recording is made available.

I attended the entire event and filled out a survey but have not received my certificate. What should I do?

If it is after April 10, 2023 please check your SPAM email. If it is not found in your SPAM, please email [email protected] with your name, license type, and license number.

Will the presentation be available online after the event?

Yes, after April 1st.  Recorded portions of this. and previous symposia are permanently available at https://calcianoyouthsymposium.org .

How long will the presentation be available online after the event?

The presentations will be permanently available within 30 days after the symposium.

Will I have access to the Plenary Speakers’ handouts and materials prior to the Symposium?

We have requested presentation materials and handouts from our speakers in advance and will send these to registered attendees. You are encouraged to download and/or print-out the materials prior to arrival at the Cocoanut Grove as WiFi reception will be limited.

Can I register by walking into the event during registration check-in?

No.  We cannot accommodate walk-ins. You must register before the deadline.

Who do I contact if none of these FAQs have answered my question(s)?

General questions: [email protected]

Questions related to CME/CEUs: [email protected]